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Published twice in a week!

Cover of Imago Mundi Book - Contemporary Artists from Wales

I am excited to say that I have now received my copy of the 'Imago Mundi' book - 'Contemporary Artists from Wales'. Artists chosen to be part of the book had to produce their work on a 10 x 12cm canvas.. This was quite a challenge in itself. There are 140 different Welsh Artists in the book all conveying a message about Welsh culture. I now look forward to the exhibition and will keep you posted.

My pages in the Imago Mundi book

Book Cover - The complete guide to Art Materials & Techniques

My second artwork is published in 'The complete Guide to Art Materials & Techniques' and is produced by Chartwell Books. I was thrilled to be chosen for the section on 'encaustic' art.

My image Bore Gaeafol Llyn Tegid Winter Morning in the book

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