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  • Mel Williams - encaustic artist

Hanging at Tan yr Hall Gallery!

Melanie Williams at Tan yr Hall Gallery Bala

The secret is out. We have a brand new co-operative of North Wales artists at Tan yr Hall Gallery on the High Street in Bala. Tomorrow the doors open for the first time so come and view the original artworks on sale. Opening hours 11.00am until 5.00pm (not on Sundays). Please feel free to come in and look around as there is a great variety of artwork to see. My medium of choice is encaustic wax I use hot and cold tools to create unique work. Hot wax, fire and pigments is magical. I find painting with wax has so many dimensions - individual layers of medium can be translucent and shiny or rugged and gnarled. I so enjoy the complexity of this medium.

My artwork is available through the Gallery or contact me. Come and see the original images and see the texture.

Care of Encaustic Paintings

  • Encaustic paintings do not have to be varnished or protected by glass.

  • Encaustic paintings can be gently buffed and shined using a soft, lint free cloth.

  • Encaustic paintings are extremely durable due to the fact that beeswax does not absorb moisture. Because of this it will not deteriorate, it will not fade. You may see "blooming" (a clouding of the wax) in the first year as it can take up to a year for the beeswax to cure. (Polish gently to bring back the shine)

  • As with any artwork DO NOT hang your encaustic painting: in direct sunlight or above or too close to a fireplace

  • If transporting an encaustic painting, DO NOT leave it in a sealed vehicle…baking heat may cause it to melt and freezing cold may cause it to crack and separate from the panel.

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