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It just had to be done - another fine art encaustic painting!

Last week I unveiled the painting 'Creigiau Cwm Idwal'. I asked what you thought about me actually keeping this painting for my own wall as I was loving it so much. The comments on the painting "Creigiau Cwm Idwal" has ignited a spark within me, propelling me to immediately create another painting of the same view. This time, capturing a smaller yet equally enchanting tree amidst the slightly different ancient rocks. In the challenging realm of fine art encaustic painting, where replication is elusive, I've chosen to embrace the nuances of change. Purposefully altering the sky and subtly shifting colors, I aimed to create a piece that stands apart from its predecessor.

As I unveil this piece, I anticipate the varied reactions it will elicit. This painting will be heading to the gallery Artworks 2 in Betws y Coed before too long.

Two paintings in encaustic showing ancient rocks and a tree in Cwm Idwal in Eryri Wales
Two paintings two interpretations

Creigiau Cwm Idwal Another Dawn Another Day Cwm Idwal

An encaustic painting 500 x 400 on birch panel.  Showing an image of Cwm Idwal, ancient rocks and a tree.  Painted by Melanie Williams a Fine Artist from Wales.
Another Dawn, Another Day Cwm Idwal

Another Dawn, Another Day Cwm Idwal 500 x 400 £945

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