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Free Encaustic Painting Video - An Encaustic Landscape

Updated: Jan 28

I'm Melanie Williams, an Encaustic artist residing in the picturesque town of Bala, nestled in the heart of Wales and the Eryri National Park, previously known as Snowdonia. In my work, I use an array of tools, from the intense heat of blow torches and heat guns to delicate carving instruments whilst working with beeswax.

My path as an artist has been one of self-discovery through endless experimentation and play. I layer encaustic medium and pigments to produce a tapestry of intricate textures and vibrant colours. What fascinates me most is the versatility inherent in Encaustic painting, allowing me to adapt my techniques to best convey the image I seek to portray.

However, my journey as an artist is deeply entwined with personal challenges. I face the daily battle of living with a rare and progressive disease known as Hypophosphatasia, or HPP. The warmth within my studio, serves as a sanctuary, offering respite from the constant pain I endure. Engaging in the creative process, in which time seems to stand still, provides me an escape and a profound source of peace.

While my art has found its way into private collections across the globe and has graced the walls of local exhibitions and TV programs, I also extend my knowledge to others through occasional Encaustic workshops. My ability to host these workshops depends on my health, but I find great joy in guiding both beginners and those looking to hone their skills.

Recently, I received news that my artwork will be featured in the upcoming December issue of the International Encaustic Artists magazine - Wax Fusion a platform that celebrates the fusion of wax and creativity in the world of art. I am hoping the video I am releasing along with this article will be a valuable resource for Encaustic painters seeking to gain an insight into my work.

The reason I'm sharing my video free of charge goes beyond self-promotion. It's a heartfelt endeavour to give back and share the wealth of knowledge I've accumulated over the years. The sense of fulfilment I derive from this act is difficult to put into words.

In conclusion, I am Melanie Williams, (Mel) an artist deeply connected to the natural world and passionate about Encaustic painting. My art not only captures the essence of the landscapes that inspire me but also serves as a source of healing and creativity. I look forward to continuing this artistic journey and sharing my love for this captivating art form with a wider audience.

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