Encaustic & Mixed Media Artist

I am an encaustic and mixed media artist. Encaustic means to ‘burn in’ and this form of painting was used by the ancient Greeks to decorate their boats and the Egyptians to embellish mummies. I use the hot wax and any sharp tools to create unique artworks.

I begin a piece by setting down layers of pure beeswax and damar resin. I create texture and a weave of wax upon which I can express the narrative of the work I am producing. I consciously choose colours, tools and innovative techniques according to the image or impression I wish to portray. A piece of work is done when I have interwoven the wax with vivid colours characterised with emotion. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of profound peace and I lose all sense of time.

My current work is about texture and colour. I am challenging myself to give the viewer an opportunity to feel the links to bygone times. To sense the embodiment of the unique characteristics that only the wax can create. I’d like them to touch and engage with the artwork, to feel the narrative of emotions, tools, colours and inspiration which have lead to the final piece.

Melanie Williams

This autumn I will be taking part in the Helfa Gelf Art trail. This is an opportunity to see my art and watch me work. See my studio opening times here.

Mel making encaustic medium